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Tawny Owl – 11th March

This morning the Jack Snipe was bobbing in its usual spot on the Wader Scrape. There were six Chiffchaffs, four of them singing, seven singing Cetti’s Warblers and five Water Rail were also heard. A Weasel was seen at the bottom of the bank in front of the Wader Scrape, climbing in the hedge as well as running up and down. On the Ouse Dyke a mixed flock of songbirds was mobbing a roosting Tawny Owl.   PS.

White-fronted Goose – 21st November

As the light faded this evening the Grey-lag and Canada Geese started to arrive to roost on the Large Gravel Pit and Slurry Lagoon. When it was almost dark the White-fronted Geese were heard and about twenty-four birds were picked out against the dim sky as they came in to roost on the large Gravel Pit. As I walked off a female Tawny Owl was heard and, a little later, some Golden Plover were heard as they flew in. PS.

Peregrine Falcon – 19th April

This morning a Peregrine Falcon flew over and perched on the nearby electricity pylon for a few minutes before moving to the next pylon to the north-east. A Common Sandpiper flew round the Slurry Lagoon and a Little Ringed Plover was displaying over the Slurry.

In the early afternoon one Common Tern appeared on the newly recommissioned Tern Platforms. One Swift and two House Martins were seen and a Redstart was heard alarm calling. A Tawny Owl was observed in the willow tree. RW.

Later two Avocets settled on the Slurry Lagoon and a male Marsh Harrier flew through. PS. RW.