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Barnacle Goose – 28th October

This morning the Ruff was still present on the Slurry Lagoon but was flushed by a Fox. There were also 25 Wigeon. On the Large Gravel Pit there were two Whooper Swans and a Barnacle Goose with about thirty Mute Swans. The two Peregrines were on the pylons and a Yellowhammer and Chiffchaff were also recorded. About 100 Pink-footed Geese flew over to the west. PS.

Woodlark – 7th October

This morning, during the Patchwatch, a light passage of migrant birds was observed. Species seen included Skylark (with one Woodlark amongst them), Redwing, Fieldfare, Meadow Pipit, Swallow, Stonechat, Brambling and Siskin. On the Slurry Lagoon Wigeon, Pintail, Water Rail, Jack Snipe, Snipe and eight Bearded Tits were seen, a Nuthatch was seen in the corner of the Deep Pit and two Peregrines were on the pylon. Towards dusk a Barn Owl was seen. In total over seventy species were seen. PS.

Goldeneye – 15th October

This morning two Goldeneye were seen on the Slurry Lagoon. Also seen were four Bearded Tits, two Swallows and a Bittern.

The Suspicious Wigeon remain that, as better views were obtained than yesterday.  On one the moulting flanks were showing grey, not the hoped for smokey pink.  It also showed an anomalous dark stripe on the crown of the head. The jury is still out on this pair.  PS.

Uncertain Wigeon on left
Uncertain Wigeon on left

Bearded Tit – 14th October.

This morning the Slurry Lagoon hosted four male and two female Bearded Tits, two Bitterns and the bird table attracted a Brambling with a group of Greenfinches.

Also on the Slurry Lagoon there were two Wigeon that looked suspiciously like American Wigeon. They were feeding on the submerged aquatic vegetation and one looked like a male moulting out of juvenile plumage. The other looked browner and more like a Eurasian Wigeon.   PS.