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 When UK Coal decided that they no longer needed the lagoons it was suggested that they would make a good nature reserve. This fitted well with Gedling Borough Council’s policy to provide more public open spaces and would help to meet some of their obligations to protect local biodiversity, but they did not want to own the lagoons and so Gedling Conservation Trust was formed by interested parties to take over ownership and responsibility for the site.

The Trust fenced off two lagoons, partly to protect the wildlife from disturbance by dogs but also to protect the public from potential mishaps, as one is very deep with very steep sides and the other has a thin crust of slurry over a more liquid and very deep substrate. They have provided benches and maintain a network of paths around the reserve and recently installed a dipping platform in the Small Gravel Pit. These improvements were made with the intention of making the site more public friendly in the hopes of encouraging more people to enjoy the nature of the site.

The day to day management of the lagoons consists of controlling scrub and brambles to protect the more delicate ecosystems on the site and clearing vegetation from the pathways. The Trust have employed a manager to oversee this work. The manager also leads regular walks around the site, which are open to the public, to show the more interesting aspects of its wildlife.

The Trust’s other main purpose is to defend the site from encroachment by industrial development and to take similar steps with other sites within the borough as they crop up. If this involves taking on responsibility for another site then the Trust is prepared to do this. The more land the Trust manages the greater the diversity of the wildlife that can be protected, as one site can complement another.

Your donations can help the Trust pursue its policies of protecting your wildlife in your local area and leave an enduring legacy for future generations.

The Trust has six trustees :

  • Mark Glover
  • Nicki Brooks
  • Peter Smith
  • Paddy Tipping
  • Vernon Coaker
  • Neil Matthews

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