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Purple Heron – 12th May

This morning, during the Bird Count, a Purple Heron was seen flying over the site. It later appeared at Langford Lowfields. Also seen was a Sandwich Tern that spent a few minutes over the Common Tern rafts before continuing its journey north. A Hobby was seen over the Deep Pit and the Grasshopper Warbler was still singing on the Ecopark and there were good numbers seen of most of the other warbler species. Some dragonfly species were also seen, including several Hairy Dragonflies. PS.

Arctic Tern – 2nd May

This morning there were two Arctic Terns foraging over the Deep Pit with a Common Tern. Later they flew off to the North, and a second Common Tern was seen with the other one in the Deep Pit – one carrying a fish. There were at least ten Garden Warblers singing and the first Xanthogramma citrofasciatum – hoverfly – was seen, recently emerged. PS.

Garden Warbler – Peter Smith.

Xanthogramma citrofasciatum – Peter Smith.

Arctic Tern – 29th April

Early on this morning two Arctic Terns were seen flying through and a Swift was briefly over the Deep Pit. A Peregrine was seen carrying prey, possibly a small wader. JV.

As it warmed up butterflies began to be seen. On a small, flowering Rowan there were five Green Hairstreaks. Species also seen were Brimstone, Orange-tip, Small White, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood and Peacock. PS.

Green Hairstreaks – Mark Tyler.