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Peregrine – 22nd January

This morning both Peregrines were on the new pylon. Two Ravens flew over the Slurry Lagoon towards the Enva plant and an Egyptian Goose flew over towards the north. PS.

Later a Goosander was seen on the river. RJP.

In the afternoon the Bearded Reedlings were heard on the east side of the Slurry Lagoon reed-bed and a Pink-footed Goose was seen with the Greylag flock across the river. MC.

Marsh Harrier – 16th November

This morning the Bearded Reedlings were heard in the reeds along the north side of the Slurry Lagoon, but not seen and the female Pintail was still present. Water Rails were seen three times (at least two individuals) as they flew across in front of the Causeway bench. Several small flocks of Fieldfares flew through, totalling about 155. PS.

Female Pintail – PS.

In the afternoon a juvenile Marsh Harrier was seen over the Slurry Lagoon. MC.