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Bittern – 8th September

Late this afternoon the Bittern was seen again, flying across the Slurry Lagoon. The Garganey was still present, along with a Water Rail, Green Sandpiper, Snipe and four Little Egrets. JDn.

In the evening two Bitterns were seen. At dusk a Barn Owl was seen as well as a Pipistrelle and a Noctule at nightfall. RW.

Bittern – 9th June

This morning there were two male Cuckoos on the reserve. In the afternoon another male was in the Slurry Lagoon reed-bed. In the late afternoon a Bittern was driven by Black-headed Gulls into the Slurry Lagoon reed-bed. Later it was seen again in the Deep Pit, but the gulls again drove it into the Slurry Lagoon reed-bed. There were also several Hairy Dragonflies and Emperor Dragonflies on the Slurry Lagoon. PS.