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Redshank – 20th November

This morning a Redshank was on an island on the Slurry Lagoon. There were also almost 100 Mallard also on the Slurry Lagoon, and seven Water Rail were heard. A small flock of Fieldfares was eating berries from a hawthorn and a Jay was in one of the oaks.

In the evening the Starling murmuration contained up up 12,000 birds, including one white one.    PS.

Redshank – 14th December

During the Monthly Bird Count, hundreds of Jackdaws and Rooks were seen flying over from their roost, 1,000 or more geese left their roost on the Slurry Lagoon and a flock of about 2,000 Wood Pigeons was seen on Severn/Trent Land. A Redshank was seen briefly on the Slurry Lagoon and two Little Egrets were feeding along the Ouse Dyke. PS.

Reed Warbler – 16th April

This morning at Netherfield Lagoons there were three Reed Warblers, three Grasshopper Warblers, five Sedge Warblers, three Lesser Whitethroats, a Whitethroat, six Common Terns, four Little Ringed Plovers, two House Martins and a Redshank.  PS.

Later on a Hobby was seen over the Slurry Lagoon.  MS.

Marsh Harrier – 29th March

After seeing yesterday’s male Marsh Harrier, it was a surprise this morning to see a female, also over the Slurry Lagoon reed bed. It dropped into the reeds and disappeared for a while and when it reappeared its crop was distended with its recent meal. Crows escorted it off the site unfortunately. Also seen were the Little Ringed Plover on the Wader Scrape, with a Redshank, six Buzzards, seven Snipe and two singing Chiffchaffs. PS.

This afternoon a White Wagtail was present amongst the Pied Wagtails on the Wader Scrape. RW.