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Sandwich Tern – 22nd April

This morning a Sandwich Tern flew down-river, past the Deep Pit, where three Common Terns were displaying. A Kingfisher was on the river and a Treecreeper was seen hopping about on the path, picking up food items. The Grasshopper Warbler was reeling on the Deep Pit bank, overlooking the river and a Bittern was seen, flying between reed beds on the Slurry Lagoon. PS.

Patchwatch – 22nd April

The Patchwatch ended on a total of seventy-two species seen during the day. Highlights were a pair of Little Ringed Plovers on the Wader Scrapes and a Common Sandpiper in the Deep Pit. Several common migrants were seen on passage and Sedge and Reed Warbler numbers had been boosted in the night. Otherwise it was an unexceptional day with not a lot of migration in progress. PS.

Marsh Harrier – 22nd April

This morning a pair of Lesser Whitethroat were found on the corner of the Slurry Lagoon by the steps. On the river near the bend a female Goosander was resting on the bank and a Curlew, followed by a Whimbrel flew through. A female Marsh Harrier appeared over the Slurry Lagoon, alarming all of the ducks, before quartering the reed beds. After a while it landed in the reed bed but was seen leaving the site a few minutes later. A Yellow Wagtail was also seen and the Cuckoo returned to the Deep Pit fence posts. PS. RW.

In the early afternoon a Hobby drifted through to the east. RW.