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Common Sandpiper – 23rd July

This morning, during the Wildlife Walk, a Common Sandpiper was seen on one of the islands on the Slurry Lagoon. It was later flushed by a Heron and flew to the sloping platform in the Deep Pit. The female Pintail is still present and an Oystercatcher flew over. There were signs of an emergence of Common Blue butterflies along the Deep Pit bank.  PS.

Red-crested Pochard – 21st August

This morning a juvenile Red-crested Pochard was on the Slurry Lagoon.  A Water Rail was also seen along the reeds at the back of the lagoon. Later a Raven flew south across the Large Gravel Pit.  PS

A male and female of Volucella zonaria, the Hornet Hoverfly, were feeding on Buddleja by the metal gates.  PS

In the afternoon two Common Sandpipers were seen on the riverbank and a Hobby flew over.  JMD