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Short-eared Owl – 13th November

This morning, during the bird count, a Short-eared Owl was seen over the Deep Pit. It was mobbed by three crows which forced it to fly very high and then off to the south. There were plenty of winter thrushes and ducks about, with four Goldeneye on the Large Gravel Pit and three Little Egrets on the Ouse Dyke. Also several Water Rails and Cetti’s Warblers were heard.  PS.

Short-eared Owl – 8th November

During this morning’s Bird Count a Short-eared Owl was seen flying beside the Wader Scrape and then across the grassland beside the Large Gravel Pit, most of the time mobbed by crows. On the bank in front of the Wader Scrape two Muntjacs were also seen, a male pursuing a female, but they soon disappeared into the Boundary Hedge. There were also plenty of thrushes and finches about, with lots of Redpoll and Redwing.  PS.

Short-eared Owl – 4th November

This morning was cold and frosty and fairly quiet at the lagoons. Near the steps down to the Ouse Dyke footbridge the ‘dzweee’ call of a Brambling attracted attention to a splendid male in a hawthorn bush. There were several Redpolls, some Siskins,  Fieldfares and Redwings about as well. In the late morning a Short-eared Owl was seen flying high over the Slurry Lagoon reed bed, pursued by some crows and a gull. It flew out towards Burton Joyce but then veered back and came right overhead again and was last seen disappearing towards Ratcliffe, crows still in pursuit. PS.