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Spotted Flycatcher – 25th August

This morning a flock of about 140 House Martins, 40 Swallows and one or two Sand Martins were on the wires by the railway bridge. Also there were two juvenile Pied Wagtails and a juvenile Yellow Wagtail. Along the Lower Path in a walnut tree near the signal box were two Spotted Flycatchers with Blackcaps, Garden Warbler and Lesser Whitethroat. PS.

There was also a report of a Great White Egret circling the site late morning. NH.

Spotted Flycatcher – 2nd September

All day a Whinchat sat on the same piece of dock on the Wader Scrape, occasionally turning around or sallying forth after an insect, but always returning to the same perch. On the Causeway a Spotted Flycatcher paused briefly on the fence, dropping down, Robin-like, to catch an ant in the grass, before returning to the fence to eat it. It was a flying ant and I think the Whinchat was hunting the same prey. Black-headed Gulls were also hunting the flying ants, and so were squadrons of Migrant Hawkers.  PS.

Whinchat – 31st August

This morning there was a Spotted Flycatcher in the willows at the river end of the Boundary Hedge. A Greenshank flew over the Slurry Lagoon but did not stay. In the afternoon three Whinchats spent  some time feeding along the Ouse Dyke bank at the back of the Wader Scrape and the Lancaster Bomber visiting the  Gedling Show flushed two Snipe from the Slurry Lagoon as it flew over the site. PS.

Spotted Flycatcher – 28th August

As we walked along the Lower Path early on this morning there were lots of warblers and tits feeding in the elderberry bushes. Near the Irish Bridge an immature Spotted Flycatcher was found and further along, near the signal box, an adult Spotted Flycatcher was also found. Then a Hobby was seen over the river which made several attempts to double back and capture one of the swallows which were harassing it. Later, as we tried to refind the flycatchers to show to some people, a Redstart chased a Chiffchaff around a hawthorn bush. All three birds were still around in the early afternoon. On the Slurry Lagoon there were five Dunlin and a Little Ringed Plover . PS AE.