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Mediterranean Gull – 31st August

This afternoon, on the Slurry Lagoon there was a juvenile/1st winter Mediterranean Gull, with a white colour ring. Also present were two Greenshank, two juvenile Little Ringed Plover, two Dunlin and two Water Rail. There were either one or two Cetti’s Warblers present in the Deep Pit and a Hobby flew over. Overhead there were nine Common Buzzards flying together. RW.

Spotted Flycatcher – 28th August

As we walked along the Lower Path early on this morning there were lots of warblers and tits feeding in the elderberry bushes. Near the Irish Bridge an immature Spotted Flycatcher was found and further along, near the signal box, an adult Spotted Flycatcher was also found. Then a Hobby was seen over the river which made several attempts to double back and capture one of the swallows which were harassing it. Later, as we tried to refind the flycatchers to show to some people, a Redstart chased a Chiffchaff around a hawthorn bush. All three birds were still around in the early afternoon. On the Slurry Lagoon there were five Dunlin and a Little Ringed Plover . PS AE.

Greenshank – 22nd August

This afternoon the Swallows and House Martins were gathered on the wires by the railway bridge when they all took off in alarm as a Hobby made an appearance. They all flew together and kept above and behind it, some making stoops to drive it away. The Hobby seemed unconcerned, making a couple of stoops of its own, probably at dragonflies. Suddenly the swallows were making a lot more noise and then the Hobby flew up out of its stoop with one of them in its talons. The Slurry Lagoon was a lot more peaceful with several each of Shoveler and Teal feeding on the water and a Dunlin and a Little Ringed Plover on the shore and a family of Reed Warblers were feeding in the reeds. The Lesser Black-backed Gull flock contained a Herring Gull and a Yellow-legged Gull plus a couple of Common Terns and later a Greenshank called three times as it flew over the site. PS.