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Peregrine – 6th January

This morning there were hundreds of Greylag and Canada Geese roosting on the Slurry Lagoon. They left en-mass as the morning lightened up. The new pylon had the two Peregrines on it for much of the morning, the female catching a gull and taking it up there to feed on. A Water Rail flew across in front of the Causeway bench and several Cetti’s were singing. PS.

Golden Plover – 16th December

This morning there were, as usual, good numbers of Greylag and Canada Geese and Mallards on the Slurry Lagoon, which went off to feed fairly early on. The hedgerows were full of thrushes, mostly Redwings, Blackbirds and Fieldfares. A flock of about three hundred Lapwings flew over with a flock of about fifty Golden Plovers, probably the ones from Holme Pierrepont. There were two Snipe on the Slurry Lagoon, an Egyptian Goose flew over and six Goldeneye were on the Large Gravel Pit.   PS.

Peregrine – 30th September

This morning the Great White Egret was still on the Slurry Lagoon, and two Egyptian Geese were amongst the vast flock of Greylags and Canadas. A Peregrine flew in from the south over the Deep Pit and was set upon by two more Peregrines in a spectacular aerial battle. All three birds eventually disappearing towards the north-east.    PS.

Willow Tit – 16th January

The Black Swan was with a herd of 38 Mute Swans feeding in the field across the river and upstream of the railway bridge. Several hundred Grey-lag and Canada Geese were also there. The Willow Tit was briefly heard and seen along the Lower Path, five Cetti’s Warblers were heard as well as four Water Rails.  PS.

Raven – 24th November

This afternoon a Raven paid a brief visit to the lagoons, flying over the Deep Pit before doing a u-turn and flying back the way it had come. The Starling roost contained about 4,500 birds this evening and a Water Rail dashed across the gap in front of the seat. Over 1,000 geese came in to roost on the Slurry Lagoon as it got dark. They were mainly Grey-lag  with Canadas, and there was one Barnacle Goose with them. PS.

Marsh Harrier – 24th October

This afternoon a ‘cream-top’ Marsh Harrier was seen briefly over the Slurry Lagoon reed bed. It was chased off by some crows and a gull. The sweetcorn has been harvested in the adjacent fields and the geese are gleening the spillage. About 2,500 Grey-lag Geese and 500 Canadas flew from the fields onto the Slurry Lagoon. Later up to 6,000 Starlings came in to roost, in their spectacular fashion, in the Slurry Lagoon reed bed. PS.

White-fronted Goose – 21st November

As the light faded this evening the Grey-lag and Canada Geese started to arrive to roost on the Large Gravel Pit and Slurry Lagoon. When it was almost dark the White-fronted Geese were heard and about twenty-four birds were picked out against the dim sky as they came in to roost on the large Gravel Pit. As I walked off a female Tawny Owl was heard and, a little later, some Golden Plover were heard as they flew in. PS.

Ross’s Goose – 18th October

The Ross’s Goose was again present with the goose flock on the pasture fields across the river. When a jogger disturbed them they all came to land on the Large Gravel Pit, about 2,500 Grey-lag Geese and 1,000 Canada Geese, plus the Ross’s. Over the Slurry Lagoon about 5,000 Starlings smoked their way to and fro before settling in the reed beds, while two Sparrowhawks tried to snatch one for their evening meal. Two Cetti’s were heard but insignificant against the spectacle of the geese and the Starlings. PS.