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Stonechat – 1st November

This morning a pair of Stonechats were on the Ecopark. The Slurry Lagoon had masses of ducks, coots and gulls on it, including over 250 Wigeon. PG.

In the afternoon there were two Caspian Gulls and five Yellow-legged Gulls in the Deep Pit area. A Great White Egret was on the Wader Scrape, a Pintail on the Ecopark and two Bramblings on the Severn/Trent field. MC.

Yellow-legged Gull – 1st February

This morning the three water bodies were all mostly frozen over. There were a lot of gulls resting on the ice, including Great Black-backed, Lesser Black-backed, Herring, Common and Black-headed. Amongst one group of Black-headed Gulls on the Deep Pit was a Yellow-legged Gull. Also a pair of Black Swans have arrived from somewhere and are on the Deep Pit. At the dry end of the Slurry Lagoon a flock of about thirty Lesser Redpolls were feeding in the Birch trees. PS.

Goosander – 5th February

This morning the Jack Snipe was found again on the Wader Scrape. The male and female Stonechats were in front of the substation and a Goosander flew over the Deep Pit. On the Slurry Lagoon there was a large gull that looked very like a Yellow-legged Gull, but it decided to fly away before it could be conclusively identified.  PS.