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Yellow-legged Gull – 1st February

This morning the three water bodies were all mostly frozen over. There were a lot of gulls resting on the ice, including Great Black-backed, Lesser Black-backed, Herring, Common and Black-headed. Amongst one group of Black-headed Gulls on the Deep Pit was a Yellow-legged Gull. Also a pair of Black Swans have arrived from somewhere and are on the Deep Pit. At the dry end of the Slurry Lagoon a flock of about thirty Lesser Redpolls were feeding in the Birch trees. PS.

Goosander – 5th February

This morning the Jack Snipe was found again on the Wader Scrape. The male and female Stonechats were in front of the substation and a Goosander flew over the Deep Pit. On the Slurry Lagoon there was a large gull that looked very like a Yellow-legged Gull, but it decided to fly away before it could be conclusively identified.  PS.

Caspian Gull – 16th November

Amongst the gulls roosting on the Slurry Lagoon this afternoon an adult Caspian Gull was found, as well as a Yellow-legged Gull. There were twelve White-fronted Geese which circled the lagoon before coming down across the river to land with the goose flock. Later some of them came onto the Slurry Lagoon with the other geese to roost. Also on the Slurry Lagoon were four Pintail and two Little Egrets. The Starling roost contained at least 3,000 birds and was predated by a Sparrowhawk and a possible Merlin and at least eight Water Rails were either seen or heard. RW. PS.

White-fronted Goose – 15th November

This evening, as the Grey-lag and Canada Geese flew in to roost on the Slurry Lagoon, a softer, more musical note was heard amongst the other, more raucous calls. Five, smaller geese came in and landed. In the poor light the white blaze of a White-fronted Goose could be seen on one of them, but not the others, and they are probably one adult and four juveniles. Several hundred more Grey-lag and Canada Geese came in but the White-fronts kept slightly apart, and then the calls of two more were heard as they joined the other five. Unfortunately it was too dark by this time to see if they were adult or juvenile. Also present were a Little Egret, a Shelduck, two Yellow-legged Gulls and several Water Rails. PS, RW, TK.