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Bee Orchid – 7th June

On the Orchid Walk today the Common Spotted Orchids were still  not in flower. Several Southern Marsh Orchids were found however, and lots of hybrid Spotted/Marsh. On the Deep Pit bank opposite the Junction Box there were several Bee Orchids and plenty of Common Blue butterflies. A Large  Skipper was seen and a Painted Lady dashed through.  PS.

Marsh Orchid – 5th June

Just in time for tomorrow’s Orchid Walk, the Marsh Orchids are coming into flower. They are much later on this site than on some others.

Marsh Orchid

There are also several Spotted Orchids coming into flower and some Bee Orchids. The Pyramidal orchids are showing flower spikes but they are further off from opening than the other species. PS.

Nightingale – 15th May

This morning the brief, but distinct, notes of a Nightingale were heard coming from a bushy willow in the north end of the Deep Pit. It sang very sporadically and did not show at all. There were also all ten species of warbler singing and lots of Swifts swooping and screaming overhead. On the river there were two Oystercatchers and a Grey Wagtail while two Yellow Wagtails were seen on the Causeway. There are already some Marsh Orchids in flower. PS.