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Raven – 22nd February

As I walked towards the river by the railway bridge I heard a deep croak so looked all around to see if I could see a Raven. There were about 250 Carrion Crows on the field across the river but no sign of a Raven. Then I heard another rattling croak and two Ravens flew from behind me, over the signal box and out over the river. One was in pursuit of the other and both held their bills open with their exertions. They flew right overhead giving good views of their tails and towards the pylon, where they started to gain height. Some of the Carrion Crows took exception and joined in the chase, calling loudly and there was a melee of black wings as they dashed at each other. Soon the two Ravens broke away, still intent on their own dispute, and then they locked feet and cartwheeled towards the ground.  At the last moment they disengaged and landed on the ground, taking off again immediately before flying back across the river, over my head again and back the way they came, towards Colwick. PS.