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Common Sandpiper – 23rd July

This morning, during the Wildlife Walk, a Common Sandpiper was seen on one of the islands on the Slurry Lagoon. It was later flushed by a Heron and flew to the sloping platform in the Deep Pit. The female Pintail is still present and an Oystercatcher flew over. There were signs of an emergence of Common Blue butterflies along the Deep Pit bank.  PS.

Mediterranean Gull – 5th June

Early on this morning an adult Mediterranean Gull was on the site, it seemed to be inspecting the Black-headed Gull colony. It flew around the nests on the Slurry Lagoon and then the ones on the Deep Pit, calling, perhaps trying to find a mate. Anyway it was unlucky and soon flew off. Later a Hobby paid a surprise visit to the Swallows by the railway bridge. On the river there were five recently fledged Herons.  PS.

Goosander – 19th December

It was very cold this morning and the Little Egrets and Herons were back at the Ouse Dyke. There were eight Little Egrets seen eventually. On the river there was a splendid male Goosander with two equally splendid male Goldeneyes, and a Redshank was feeding in the cattle wade. On the inside bank of the Deep Pit a male Weasel was watched for about ten minutes, as it scampered up and down the slope trying to pick up a scent. PS.

Little Egrets – 7th December

As we walked along the Ouse Dyke this afternoon there were five Little Egrets with a Heron and a Kingfisher all using the same fishing spot. Further along two Snipe and a Water Rail were also seen. Over the site two Peregrines were seen as they flew together, calling and grabbing at each others talons in twisted flight. Later one was seen on the top of the pylon, across the river. JMD. PS.