Barn Owl – 12th March

As I walked around the north-east corner of the Deep Pit I saw the Barn Owl flying across it, being chased by a Magpie. It flew towards the Large Gravel Pit and then turned to follow the bank towards me. It was a very bright bird, the buff on its wings and head being almost orange. The middle of its back was grey and its tail very pale. It flew right past me and then over the Slurry Lagoon and out of sight. A little later it reappeared with a small mammal in its talons, landed in an elder tree and swallowed its prey before flying off to look for more. It seemed a very confiding bird as it practically ignored my presence. On the Slurry Lagoon there was a Shelduck, and some Coltsfoot was out along the side of the path. PS.