Slender Groundhopper

Tetrix subulata


Over all length 9 - 15mm. Looks like a tiny grasshopper. Easily told from the Common Groundhopper, Tetrix undulata, because the pronotum extends well beyond the tip of the abdomen in this species, so that it can only be confused with Cepero's Groundhopper, Tetrix ceperoi, which is restricted mainly to the south coast of England and Wales. They are very variable in colour and markings, and a wide range of combinations can be found at the lagoons.


Likes bare, damp, open ground with sparse vegetation. Can be found on bare patches on paths around the gravel pits and on the dry end of the Slurry Lagoon.

Status and distribution

Found mostly in the southern half of Britain. Can be found in good numbers at the reserve, often with the Common Groundhopper.

Best time to see

All year, coming out in sunshine.