Speckled Bush-cricket

Leptophyles punctatissima


Over all length 9 - 18mm. This is a wingless, green species but the male has a dark band down its dorsal surface and can have reddish legs. Most of the body and legs are covered with tiny black speckles. The ovipositor of the female is broad and steeply curved upwards.


Normally a species of woodland edges where it can be found in trees or bushes, at the lagoons it is often low down on dock or nettles, although never far from bushes or a hedgerow.

Status and distribution

Restricted to the southern half of Britain. At the lagoons the best places to find them are near the Trent, Boundary Hedge and the eastern end of the Large Gravel Pit. They have a two year life cycle, the eggs are in diapause for a year before hatching, and tend to be found only every other year, although then they are found in reasonable numbers.

Best time to see

May to October.