Long-winged Conehead

Conocephalus discolor


Over all length 15 - 22mm. The ground colour is green with a broad dark line on the dorsal surface. There is also a less common straw coloured form. The wings normally reach just beyond the abdomen but there is a long-winged (macropterous) form where the wings almost reach the tip of the ovipositor in females and go well beyond the tip of the abdomen in males. The ovipositor is almost straight and very long, which helps to identify it from the similar Short-winged Conehead Conocephalis dorsalis, which has an upward curving ovipositor.


Long grasses are preferred, with some scrub and bramble, much like Roesel's. Can be found across most of the reserve.

Status and distribution

Restricted to the south and east of Britain but this species is rapidly expanding its range. It was first found on the reserve in 2009 and is now commonly found in all suitable habitat.

Best time to see

May to early November.