Roesel’s Bush-cricket

Metrioptera roeselii


Over all length 13 - 22mm. This is a medium sized though robust species, that has short and long-winged forms, and can be dark, brownish or green. The most obvious identification mark is the bright yellow or green line that goes around three sides of the pronotum (the plate covering the equivalent of its neck and shoulders). The females can be identified by their long, curved ovipositors.


Normally found in rank vegetation of grasses and brambles. Often seen basking on bramble leaves. Can crop up in any of the grassy areas of the site.

Status and distribution

Nationally concentrated into the south-eastern corner of the British Isles, but is spreading northwards and westwards. First recorded at the lagoons in 2009 and now a commonly seen insect.

Best time to see

May to October