Dogwood Aphid

Anoecia corni


Over all length 3.5mm. The body is black with a thick whitish band on the abdomen in the winged form. The wings have a black stigma. The non-winged form are black or dark brown.


The flightless generations feed on the roots of grasses and are often attended by ants, such as Lasius niger. The winged form feeds on Dogwood, where they produce paler, green generations. Again, ants may be in attendance, such as Lasius fuliginosus.

Status and distribution

Widely dispersed but rarely recorded in southern Britain. This may reflect lack of recorders rather than the abundance of the aphid. There is one other, unconfirmed record for Nottinghamshire and one record for Netherfield Lagoons, of several insects.

Best time to see

June to September.