Variable Tenthredo

Tenthredo livida


Body length 12 - 15mm.  There are five very similar species that need careful examination before deciding which species they are. They are Tenthredo balteata, T. colon, T. ferruginea, T. livida and T. semicolon. The larvae are also very similarly marked. The photographs probably depict T.livida.


Woodland edge and hedgerow. Adults feed on pollen and nectar, the larvae feed on a variety of plants, T. livida on tree species such as Hazel, honeysuckle, Roses and Willows and T. colon particularly on Great Willow Herb.

Status and distribution

T. livida is the most common species of the group and most likely one to be encountered at Netherfield Lagoons. Common and widespread throughout southern Britain.

Best time to see

May to August