Bramble Sawfly

Arge cyanocrocea


Body length 7 - 8mm. The Argid Sawflies are told from the similar Athalia Sawflies (Tenthredinidae) by their antennae, which have two small segments at the base and then the rest are fused into a single long third segment. The Athalid antennae have ten segments. A. cyanocrocea is orange with a black head and thorax and dark patch, right across the fore-wings. There is a similar species, A. melanochra, which has a smaller black spot on its wings and all black hind femora.


Woodland edge and hedgerows where the adults feed on pollen and nectar from a variety of plants including umbellifers and tansy. The larvae feed on the leaves of bramble and raspberry.

Status and distribution

Common and widely distributed in the southern half of Britain. Common in Nottinghamshire and at Netherfield Lagoons.

Best time to see

May to July.