Notch-horned Cleg

Haematopota pluvialis


Over all length 8 - 11mm. A horse-fly with a fierce bite. As with most flies the males have by far the biggest eyes, only the females bite. A mid-brown insect with beautiful markings on its wings. The eyes are also interestingly marked with bands of dark and light colours.


Damp areas. On the reserve especially around the Large Gravel Pit. They feed on nectar and plant saps, but the females also need a blood meal to produce their eggs and select mammals such as cows and horses, and humans, as victims. Their larvae feed on dead plant material in the soil, as well as predating other small invertebrates.

Status and distribution

Common and widespread in Britain. On the reserve commonest around the Large Gravel Pit, where it will find you.

Best time to see

May to October.