Long-winged Satellite Fly

Macronychia dolini


Body length 10 to 12 mm. A pale grey fly with darker markings. The thorax has a series of blackish or brown longitudinal marks and the abdomen has three triangular marks on each tergite. The abdomen is constricted towards its base. The wings extend well beyond the abdomen and have some pale brown shading. The legs are long, slender and black.


Woodland edge, hedgerows and scrub. The larvae live in the nests of Ectemnius Wasp species. The adults can be seen nearby sunning on tree trunks or branches or feeding on umbeliferous flowers.

Status and distribution

A Nationally Scarce species, mainly restricted to England and Wales. Rare in Nottinghamshire and at Netherfield Lagoons.

Best time to see

May to September.