Migrant Hawker

Aeshna mixta


Over all length 56 - 64mm. The male is blue and black, the female is brown and yellow. The male has a distinct waist at the start of its abdomen. Both sexes have very short shoulder stripes. It flies very much later than the Hairy Dragonfly Brachytron pratense, the only similar dragonfly recorded at the lagoons, which has complete shoulder stripes in the male.


Can be seen flying high amongst the trees as they search for small insects, and can bask high along a hedgerow. They have been seen ovipositing in the Small Gravel Pit.

Status and distribution

This dragonfly has a southerly distribution and is gradually extending its range northwards. It is fairly common at the lagoons and sometimes its numbers can be swollen by immigrants from the continent. On September 1st 2010 a swarm containing an estimated 100 insects arrived over the lagoons, pursued by Black-headed Gulls.

Best time to see

Late July to early November.