Southern Hawker

Aeshna cyanea


Over all length 67 - 76mm. The males are black with green and blue markings. The females are dark brown with green markings. Both sexes have broad, pale shoulder stripes and complete pale bands across segments nine and ten. On the male's abdomen, the markings are blue along the sides and green on the dorsal surface, except for the last three segments, which are also blue.


Prefers more restricted, well vegetated waters, such as ditches and small ponds. At the lagoons seems to prefer the ditch along the Lower Path.

Status and distribution

The best populations are in the southern half of England, though its range does extend into Scotland. At the reserve it favours the Lower Path, which is flanked by tall trees and scrub. It is also seen along the ditches beneath the Boundary Hedge.

Best time to see

July to late September.