Brown Hawker

Aeshna grandis


Over all length 70 - 77mm. This is the only dragonfly regularly seen on the reserve that has coloured wings. The wings of both sexes are a coppery brown, a feature that can be easily seen in flight. The bodies of both sexes are mainly brown with some blue or pale yellow markings. The male can be told by his 'waist' at the beginning of his abdomen.


Most larger water bodies are attractive to this dragonfly, including slow moving rivers. It is seen at the lagoons hunting along tall hedgerows and high over the site.

Status and distribution

This is a common dragonfly with a distribution covering most of England and Ireland but not all of Wales or the West Country. It is the commonest large dragonfly on the reserve and females can be seen ovipositing in the Gravel Pits and the river.

Best time to see

June to October.