Orange-horned Scabious Sawfly

Abia nitens (=sericea)


Body length 10 - 12mm. A large sawfly with clubbed antennae. The abdomen has metallic bands on each segment that can reflect gold, green or magenta. The thorax has metallic markings that make what looks a bit like a wasp's face. The male has a dark, concave groove on the last four segments of its abdomen. The very similar, and rare,  A. candens has a dark tip and base to the antennae.


Hedgerows and meadows. The larvae feed on Teasel, Field Scabious and Devil's-bit Scabious.

Status and distribution

Fairly widespread in Britain, but not very common. Uncommon in Nottinghamshire and recorded three times at Netherfield Lagoons.

Best time to see

May to August.