Tachinid Fly

Cistogastor globosa


Body length 5 - 8mm. In the female the thorax is light brown towards the head, becoming blacker towards the abdomen. The abdomen is orange with various patterns of black markings. The wings are often held in a vertical plane when the fly is feeding on nectar. The halteres are swollen and bright yellow, as is the frons. The male is all black. There are several similar species which can be difficult to separate.


Various habitats where the adults can find nectar, often on umbellifers, the larvae are endoparasites of Bishop's Mitre Shieldbugs.

Status and distribution

Uncommon in Britain, being confined to the south of England. This is the second record for Nottinghamshire. With the advance of global warming this species is beginning to be recorded more often within the county by 2022.

Best time to see

June to September.