Daisy Leafminer

Trypeta zoe


Over all length 5mm. The head and abdomen are a dull buffish/brown. The thorax is a brighter red/brown. The eyes are green. The female's wings have a distinctive pattern of black markings, with a black wing-tip, a broken bar and another bar that has a spur in the mid-wing that extends towards the body. The male's wings have a large black blotch at the tip and a second blotch mid-way towards the body.


The larvae mine the leaves of plants such as Yarrow, Mugwort, Wormwood, Ox-eye Daisy and Coltsfoot.

Status and distribution

Fairly widespread throughout Britain but not often recorded. Uncommon in Nottinghamshire and recorded once at Netherfield Lagoons.

Best time to see

April to June.