Small Red-eyed Damselfly

Erythromma viridulum


Over all length 26 - 32mm. Smaller than the Red-eyed Damselfly. The males have more blue on the abdomen, blue extending backwards from the thorax on the underside of segment one and forwards on the underside of segment eight, from segment nine. The last abdominal segment has a small black X on it, which the Large Red-eyed Damselfly does not have. The females have complete shoulder stripes that can be yellow, green or blue.


Similar to Red-eyed Damselfly. Sheltered water with abundant floating vegetation. Normally seen at Netherfield Lagoons on the Small and Large Gravel Pits.

Status and distribution

This damselfly only started to be seen in Britain on a regular basis in 2000 and was first recorded at the lagoons in 2007, shortly after it was first recorded in Nottinghamshire. It is gradually spreading northwards and westwards. Numbers are small on the reserve and affected by the amount of floating vegetation available.

Best time to see

July and August.