Holly Blue

Celastrina argiolus


Wingspan 26 - 34mm. Pale blue upper-wings, the females bordered more heavily with black than the males. The under-wings are silvery, with small black marks. Normally settles with the wings held together above its back. Can be seen flying high around bushes, not often low like other blues.


Woodland edge, hedgerows, parks and gardens. The adults will feed on nectar from brambles or take salts from mud and also like honeydew, the first brood of caterpillars feed on holly in the springtime and ivy in the second brood, later in the year.

Status and distribution

Fairly common and widespread in southern Britain but with strongly fluctuating numbers over a four year cycle. Fairly common in Nottinghamshire and at Netherfield Lagoons.

Best time to see

April to August in two broods.