Brown Argus

Aricia agestis


Wingspan 25 - 31mm. The upper-wings are a dark brown with a row of orange spots close to the border. The outer edges of the wings are bordered with white. In the male the orange spots do not reach the front of the fore-wings. The undersides of the wings are silvery brown with a border of orange, black and white markings. The rest of the under-wings are marked with white circles with black centres. They can be very similar to the female Common Blue, but on the underside of the fore-wing the front edge has no mark between halfway and the body.


Grasslands with plenty of flowers. The caterpillars feed on various species of cranesbill, and are often attended by ants.

Status and distribution

Restricted to the south-east of Britian, where it is fairly common and widespread. Fairly common in Nottinghamshire and at Netherfield Lagoons.

Best time to see

May to September, in two broods.