Bird Records


This is a list of the bird species that have been seen at the lagoons since 1995. Some have only been seen once but others are regularly seen on the site.

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SpeciesStatusMax CountDate of Max Count
Mute SwanResident and winter visitor. Breeds.8809/03/14
Bewick’s SwanRare passage migrant.1029/01/93
Whooper SwanUncommon passage migrant.12922/03/15
Bean GooseRare passage migrant. One record.107/03/97
Pink-footed GooseUncommon passage migrant380023/01/05
White-fronted GooseRare passage migrant and winter visitor2718/11/11
Greylag GooseCommon resident and winter visitor. Breeds.350029/10/2012
Canada GooseCommon resident and winter visitor. Breeds.200004/09/00
Barnacle GooseRare visitor. Escape.613/01/93
Brent GooseRare visitor.328/04/16
Egyptian GooseUncommon visitor.708/11/15
Ruddy ShelduckRare visitor. 01/06/2003, 11/06/2004.201/06/03
Common ShelduckUncommon visitor and passage migrant.161992
Mandarin DuckRare vagrant.113/10/16
Eurasian WigeonCommon winter visitor.54005/02/06
GadwallCommon resident. Breeds.18014/01/11
Eurasian TealCommon winter visitor.56811/11/12
Green-winged TealRare winter visitor. 08/03/2009, 14/10/2012.114/10/12
MallardCommon resident. Breeds.25012/08/98
PintailUncommon passage migrant.1529/09/01
GarganeyUncommon passage migrant. Attempted breeding in 2004.612/08/95
ShovelerCommon winter visitor.19611/10/05
Red-crested PochardUncommon visitor.822/06/12
Common PochardUncommon resident and common winter visitor. Breeds.8023/10/05
Tufted DuckCommon resident and passage migrant. Breeds.20027/09/05
ScaupRare winter visitor.1224/03/96
Lesser ScaupRare vagrant. One record.121/12/13
Long-tailed DuckRare vagrant. One record.111/10/00
Common ScoterUncommon vagrant.2711/11/99
GoldeneyeCommon winter visitor.3812/01/97
SmewRare winter visitor.621/03/99
Red-breasted MerganserRare winter visitor. 13/04/1993, 02/12/1995.113/04/93
GoosanderUncommon winter visitor.1204/01/02
Ruddy DuckLast recorded, 2012.2511/10/05
QuailRare visitor. One record.124/08/97
Red-legged PartridgeRare visitor. Formerly common.1412/10/02
Grey PartridgeRare visitor. Former breeder.3008/10/06
Common PheasantCommon resident. Breeds.1910/10/15
Great Northern DiverRare visitor. One record.120/12/98
GannetRare visitor. One record.127/10/02
CormorantCommon resident and winter visitor.6019/10/14
ShagRare visitor. One record.122/02/93
BitternUncommon winter visitor. Rare summer visitor.313/03/16
Little EgretCommon winter visitor.1311/12/16
Great White EgretRare visitor. 08/01/2012, 25/10/2012,08/09/2013.108/09/13
Grey HeronCommon resident.1216/12/99
SpoonbillRare visitor. One record.103/07/06
Little GrebeCommon resident. Breeds.4709/08/03
Great Crested GrebeCommon resident. Breeds.2412/09/00
Red-necked GrebeRare visitor. One record.105/11/08
Slavonian GrebeRare visitor. One record.111/10/95
Black-necked GrebeUncommon visitor.107/09/08
Honey BuzzardRare visitor. 12/05/1997, 26/05/2001.226/05/01
Red KiteUncommon passage migrant.108/05/16
Marsh HarrierUncommon passage migrant. 1 breeding record.424/04/15
Hen HarrierRare visitor. 04/10/2000, 11/11/2000, 15/10/2011.115/10/11
SparrowhawkCommon resident. Breeds.516/09/07
Common BuzzardCommon resident.1411/03/12
Rough-legged BuzzardRare winter visitor.211/03/12
OspreyRare passage migrant.214/09/08
Water RailCommon winter visitor. Rare breeder.1315/01/14
Spotted CrakeRare passage migrant. One record.127/08/13
MoorhenCommon resident. Breeds.3125/06/00
CootCommon resident. Breeds.20630/11/08
Common CraneRare passage migrant. 18/10/1998, 05/11/2005, 16/06/2012, 18/03/2016.218/03/16
Stone CurlewRare passage migrant. One record.123/05/97
AvocetRare passage migrant. 19/05/1996, 02/04/2002, 19/04/2010.302/04/02
OystercatcherCommon passage migrant and summer visitor.715/07/02
Grey PloverUncommon passage migrant.314/10/00
Golden PloverFormerly common winter visitor. Now rare passage migrant.500023/01/04
DotterelRare passage migrant. 26/08/1995, 23/05/1997,123/05/97
Little Ringed PloverUncommon summer visitor and passage migrant. Breeds.1409/06/13
Ringed PloverUncommon passage migrant. One breeding attempt 2012.4715/05/01
Northern LapwingUncommon resident and winter visitor.160028/11/02
WhimbrelUncommon passage migrant.302/04/03
CurlewUncommon passage migrant.5002/08/01
Black-tailed GodwitUncommon passage migrant.5117/11/00
Bar-tailed GodwitUncommon passage migrant.1216/07/00
TurnstoneUncommon passage migrant.1912/08/00
KnotUncommon passage migrant.817/05/02
RuffUncommon passage migrant.2511/09/98
Curlew SandpiperUncommon passage migrant.5002/08/01
Temminck’s StintRare passage migrant. 14/10/1995, 06/03/2000, 29/04/2007.129/04/07
SanderlingUncommon passage migrant.716/05/02
DunlinUncommon passage migrant.5215/05/01
Purple SandpiperRare passage migrant. One record.121/11/04
Little StintUncommon passage migrant.729/09/94
Buff-breasted SandpiperRare visitor. One record.112/09/92
Grey PhalaropeRare winter visitor. 04/11/1996, 04/10/2001, 27/12/2011127/12/11
Common SandpiperCommon passage migrant.609/08/97
Green SandpiperUncommon winter visitor and passage migrant.722/08/01
Spotted RedshankUncommon passage migrant.930/04/04
GreenshankUncommon passage migrant.1428/04/97
Lesser YellowlegsRare vagrant. One record.126/11/95
Wood SandpiperUncommon passage migrant.209/05/00
Common RedshankUncommon passage migrant.1516/10/05
Jack SnipeUncommon passage migrant and winter visitor.418/03/06
WoodcockUncommon winter visitor.226/11/13
Common SnipeUncommon winter visitor and passage migrant.20030/12/01
Arctic SkuaRare passage migrant. 26/06/1997, 24/08/1997, 16/09/2011.426/06/97
Little TernRare passage migrant. One record.129/08/95
Black TernUncommon passage migrant.4209/05/93
White-winged Black TernRare passage migrant. One record.129/09/94
Sandwich TernUncommon passage migrant.407/09/99
Common TernCommon summer visitor. Breeds.10001/05/97
Arctic TernUncommon passage migrant.10202/05/98
KittiwakeRare vagrant. 10/01/1997, 01/04/2009, 02/05/2010, 13/04/2013, 17/04/2013, 26/06/2016.126/06/16
Black-headed GullCommon resident and winter visitor. 1st bred 2016.400010/03/09
Little GullUncommon passage migrant.1221/04/03
Mediterranean GullUncommon passage migrant.104/08/14
Common GullCommon passage migrant and winter visitor.15018/07/03
Lesser Black-backed GullCommon passage migrant and winter visitor.100027/08/09
Herring GullCommon passage migrant and winter visitor.120007/01/09
Yellow-legged GullUncommon passage migrant.809/08/01
Caspian GullUncommon winter visitor.117/12/12
Iceland GullRare winter visitor. 27/12/1996,14/01/2002, 29/12/2007, 01/01/2010, 27/12/2011127/12/11
Glaucous GullRare winter visitor. 19/12/1997, 14/02/2001, 24/01/2003, 09/02/2003, 01/01/2004101/01/04
Great Black-backed GullCommon passage migrant and winter visitor.50016/01/03
Feral Rock DoveCommon visitor.80001/10/07
Stock DoveUncommon resident. Breeds.5612/01/08
Wood PigeonCommon resident and winter visitor. Breeds.102810/02/08
Collared DoveUncommon visitor.10302/10/03
Turtle DoveRare passage migrant. Last bred 2004.729/08/99
CuckooUncommon summer visitor. Breeds.510/05/99
Barn OwlUncommon resident.220/12/16
Little OwlUncommon visitor.228/06/07
Tawny OwlUncommon resident.224/08/00
Short-eared OwlUncommon winter visitor.130/11/16
Long-eared OwlRare winter visitor. 03/12/1991, 07/09/1996, 08/12/1996, 10/10/1998.110/10/98
Common SwiftCommon summer visitor.40031/07/07
Little SwiftRare vagrant. One record.126/05/01
KingfisherUncommon resident. Breeds.613/09/03
Green WoodpeckerCommon resident. Breeds.814/07/01
Great Spotted WoodpeckerUncommon resident. Breeds.405/06/05
Lesser Spotted WoodpeckerRare vagrant. One record.11996
KestrelCommon resident. Breeds.614/03/06
MerlinRare winter visitor.226/10/07
HobbyUncommon summer visitor.425/08/03
Peregrine FalconUncommon resident.314/03/12
Ring-necked ParakeetRare visitor. Presumed escapes.228/02/16
Great Grey ShrikeRare winter visitor. One record.111/11/99
MagpieCommon resident. Breeds.4913/01/01
JayUncommon vagrant.505/10/96
JackdawCommon visitor.82031/01/15
RookCommon visitor.50110/01/16
Carrion CrowCommon resident. Breeds.70031/10/15
RavenUncommon visitor.324/07/16
GoldcrestUncommon winter visitor.1009/10/16
FirecrestRare vagrant.113/03/16
Blue TitCommon resident. Breeds.5010/09/06
Great TitCommon resident. Breeds.4908/02/16
Coal TitRare visitor.213/10/00
Willow TitRare visitor. Last bred 2009.1014/06/03
Marsh TitRare visitor.225/06/02
Bearded TitRare winter visitor.613/10/16
WoodlarkRare vagrant. One record.114/05/08
SkylarkUncommon resident and passage migrant.10109/10/05
Sand MartinCommon summer visitor. Breeds.50006/07/01
SwallowCommon summer visitor. Breeds.50007/09/08
House MartinCommon summer visitor.35019/09/12
Cetti’s WarblerCommon resident. Breeds.1210/05/15
Long-tailed TitCommon resident. Breeds.6712/09/10
Yellow-browed WarblerRare vagrant. One record.103/10/16
Dusky WarblerRare vagrant. One record.107/10/07
Wood WarblerRare passage migrant. 12/08/1996, 29/04/2001, 26/04/2014.112/08/96
ChiffchaffCommon summer visitor, passage migrant and winter visitor. Breeds.5111/09/16
P. c. abietinnusRare vagrant. One record.123/11/07
P. c. tristisRare winter visitor. 14/01/2007, 28/12/2011, 10/01/2012, 30/03/2014,130/03/14
Willow WarblerCommon summer visitor and passage migrant. Breeds.2310/04/05
BlackcapCommon summer visitor. Breeds.5808/05/16
Garden WarblerCommon summer visitor. Breeds.1611/05/08
Lesser WhitethroatCommon summer visitor. Breeds.1004/05/15
Common WhitethroatCommon summer visitor. Breeds.5113/05/07
Grasshopper WarblerUncommon summer visitor. Breeds.1129/04/07
Sedge WarblerCommon summer visitor. Breeds.6910/05/09
Marsh WarblerRare vagrant. One record.114/06/97
Reed WarblerCommon summer visitor. Breeds.3705/05/13
Great Reed WarblerRare vagrant. 09/06/1997, 09/05/2016.109/05/16
WaxwingUncommon winter visitor.15028/03/05
TreecreeperUncommon winter visitor.202/12/12
WrenCommon resident. Breeds.6609/11/14
StarlingCommon visitor. Roosts.1200030/10/16
Ring OuzelUncommon passage migrant.220/04/07
BlackbirdCommon resident and winter visitor. Breeds.11713/12/09
FieldfareCommon winter visitor.10001991
Song ThrushCommon resident and winter visitor.2018/11/00
RedwingCommon winter visitor.60020/12/09
Mistle ThrushUncommon visitor.1101/09/99
Spotted FlycatcherUncommon passage migrant.815/08/09
RobinCommon resident and winter visitor.8811/10/15
NightingaleRare passage migrant. 07/05/2001, 15/05/2011.115/05/11
Pied FlycatcherRare passage migrant. 25/04/2001, 12/04/2015.112/04/15
Black RedstartRare passage migrant. 23/11/1997, 03/02/2003, 05/04/2012, 02/05/2012, 12/04/2013, 07/05/2013.212/04/13
Common RedstartUncommon passage migrant.316/04/13
WhinchatUncommon passage migrant.101999
StonechatUncommon passage migrant and winter visitor.504/03/01
Northern WheatearPassage migrant.3423/04/06
O. o. leucorhoaRare passage migrant. 25/09/1999, 12/09/2006, 28/04/2007, 04/05/2014104/05/14
DunnockCommon resident. Breeds.5909/10/11
House SparrowUncommon visitor.6020/08/06
Tree SparrowUncommon visitor. Last bred 2001.6017/10/02
Yellow WagtailRare passage migrant. 15/05/2004, 28/04/2006, 22/04/2007228/04/06
M. f. flavissimaUncommon summer visitor and passage migrant. Breeds.6515/08/93
Grey WagtailUncommon resident. Breeds.725/08/01
White WagtailUncommon passage migrant.307/04/16
M. a. yarrelliiCommon resident and passage migrant. Breeds.3205/12/04
Richard’s PipitRare vagrant. One record.129/09/96
Tree PipitRare passage migrant. 06/05/95, 08/10/2000, 02/04/2005, 12/10/2008206/05/95
Meadow PipitUncommon passage migrant.20504/10/01
Rock PipitRare passage migrant. 04/11/1996, 20/10/2002, 07/10/2007, 13/10/2009, 23/03/2011, 07/11/2011,107/11/11
Water PipitRare passage migrant. 25/01/1997, 03/03/1997, 24/03/1998, 07/11/2003, 19/03/2004203/03/97
BramblingUncommon winter visitor.818/11/00
ChaffinchCommon resident. Breeds.7812/10/14
BullfinchCommon resident. Breeds.3009/11/14
GreenfinchCommon resident. Breeds.20026/07/05
LinnetCommon resident. Breeds.12612/09/04
TwiteRare vagrant. 22/10/1999, 10/04/2013.222/10/99
Lesser RedpollCommon winter visitor.7214/10/12
Common RedpollRare winter visitor.18/10/1998, 06/12/2013.106/12/13
CrossbillRare vagrant. 10/11/1997, 25/08/2003, 03/09/2005, 31/12/2006,910/11/97
GoldfinchCommon resident. Breeds.22914/09/02
SiskinUncommon passage migrant and winter visitor.2507/10/01
YellowhammerRare winter visitor.1114/09/03
Reed BuntingCommon resident. Breeds.4714/06/15
Corn BuntingRare vagrant. 06/03/2007, 27/12/2007,127/12/07
Running Total Species – 221

Appendix 1 – Escapes

SpeciesStatusMax CountDate of Max Count
Black SwanUncommon visitor.203/10/01
Lesser Canada Goose 113/02/00
Bar-headed Goose 301/05/96
Ross’s Goose 107/09/96
Emperor Goose 113/12/96
Argentine Blue-bill 122/03/02
Peruvian Ruddy Duck 127/08/07
Sacred Ibis 121/07/12
African Spoonbill 117/08/05
Saker 106/11/99
Cockatiel 130/05/99
Running Total Species – 232

Appendix 2 – Hybrids, etc.

SpeciesStatusMax CountDate of Max Count
Greylag x Canada Goose 924/08/00
Barnacle x Canada Goose 31997
Shoveler x Pintail 129/12/99
Pochard x Tufted Duck 123/09/94
Roseate x Common Tern 101/06/93
Running Total Species – 237

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